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28-Oct-2017 02:24

Hopefully I'll catch up soon and get back to working on my HA stuff.I'll try to get pictures posted of my HA Doll House.

I've also just finished writing an initial driver for Misterhouse to use the MQTT protocol. 2014/12/01 - I really need to get busy and update these pages. I've been a bit busy learning about databases, SQL and Big Data technologies. For now I'll just post my latest project, I've built a Chip Kit Uno32, WIZnet W550io and DHT22 talking to a local MQTT. 2014/01/04 - Javier Pardo Blasco sent in his project.

It is: I'm still working on the ECM-1240, I've run out of serial ports and I'm working on getting a terminal server working. I'll be using Pi as the terminal/web (node.js) server to it.

2013/09/19 - I've been quiet for a while but I'm hoping (keeping my fingers crossed on that) that is now behind me. This will allow me to monitor my home's power usage.

2013/02/07 - Misterhouse - This is My effort to get Misterhouse back on the map. The main Sourceforge page is back under the community's control (Yea! The most useful code can be picked up from the git repository (explanation on the WIki pages) 2012/10/27 - Open Energy Monitor - a project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools to help us relate to our use of energy, our energy systems and the challenge of sustainable energy.

2012/04/05 - I've added the Freedomotic project, an Open Source Building Automation (a universal building automation framework) and my g HCS a Home Control System functionally based on Steve Ciarcia's HCS II (Z180 based SC and remote comm-links) to the growing list of pages.

But here are some more: 2015/06/02 - It's (unofficial) summer time!

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