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The school was involved with a project called 'Open Cities'.It helps migrants, people from other countries, become part of the community.And I think we have a real ancient community of German people right in the middle of the country it happens this and anyway it looks interesting because they keep their culture during the years even they have lived here in our country.Hello Tania, I'm afraid you won't be able to find that here, as the only segments from Word on the Street that we have are the ones you can see. The first infinitive is an infinitive of purpose, meaning 'in order to try' and the second is an infinitive following the verb 'try'.Projects like ‘Open Cities’ can bring people in the community together and give young people hope for the future.Good afternoon, everyone Yes I was visited some countries that have different culture and it seems to be really interesting to see how people behave in different in different country and what they do what they eat what kind of rituals they have during the year it is a really really good experience.Young people whose parents or grandparents settled here have a very different experience of growing up to their parents. Sunny Grewel and his father Avinda live in Southall. Nick: What are the main arguments between the younger and older generations?

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This Gothic horror novel tells of Count Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England in order to seek new blood and spread the undead curse.This place where I live now it really is multicultural I think we have at least five or maybe ten cultures here and when the people live in peace without any problem everything is good we can share our thoughts about what we think .