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The first use of the word digicam that we have found was as a trademark name owned by J & G Coughtrie Ltd Montrose Avenue, Hillington, Glasgow, G52 4LZ, United Kingdom, dated 6 January 1989 (trade mark number UK00001369395), but it is no longer in effect. The first Tessera system went into regular use in early 1989 at a commercial photo studio in Minneapolis (Photo Mechanical Services, Inc.).

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Oftentimes, cameras have been shown or discussed a year or two before actual marketing, sometimes as much as four years beforehand.

The original 1989 model was red, later models were black. Many thanks to John Cox of Megavision for providing these very rare photos to Digi Cam History. We believe we were the first digital camera history web site to provide a photo and information concerning this camera.

In 1989, Steve Sasson and a colleague, Robert Hills, created the first modern digital single-lens reflex (S. R.) camera that looks and functions like today's professional models.

��€š��€œThe Day The Image Stood Still, Paul Saffo, Personal Computing, February 1990, p59. The MVC-5000 was the first to transmit almost instantaneous still color images over phone lines using Sony DIH2000 noted above and was the camera used by the CNN crew in China to transmit the Tienemen Square images.

The Pro Mavica recorded images as magnetic impulses on a compact 2-inch still-video floppy disk.Sasson who owned it, making most digital camera manufacturers pay Kodak for the use of the technology.