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07-Jul-2017 12:50

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I'm always on the look out for new ways to have fun in the bedroom... poundmypoodle Miamisburg Women Singles 30 years old single woman looking for men “Don't pay too much attention to my screen name, I didn't know what else to try lol.” I'm always smiling, they say that my smile is my best feature I don't know if you'll agree. I'm super random and can generally talk about pretty much anything. I've way outgrown the urge or inclination to send sexy or nude photos. Lying is a lot of effort and I'm lazy so I'm incredibly honest to the point of rudeness occasionally Side note: I get that it's part of online culture but I'm 33. Contemplate what you would ask someone if you met them in person the first time and what wouldn't get you smacked.

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” I'm a retired stripper, cute, sexy and full of vim and vigor. cum- no pun intended- to me- will meet you somewhere. cum- no pun intended- to me- will meet you somewhere. Sometimes I get caught dancing at work with my headphones in when I forget I'm in the office.