Is skandar keynes dating anyone

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After giving the GCSE level exam in 2008, he started studying chemistry, biology, history, mathematics and further mathematics at the GCE Advanced Level and scored A grade in all.Skandar Keynes made his theatrical film debut in 2005 with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as Edmund Pevensie.Talking about his dating life, useless posts stating that you really liked him as Edmund, and other fan comments are all inappropriate and will be considered spam. Upcoming phone interview transcipt by yours truely will be posted here shortly. ;) EDIT: Yes I will also be providing a transcript for Sofia and Chloe's site which will be found under interviews. Right guys, I expect complete and utter adoration from you now. (dratted inaudiable bit here something about chums is all I got). I had the originals, they were my black ones and then they got too old so I spray painted them blue. I hope he does go to the university, but that's just me.All spam will be deleted and dealt with as stated in the rules. And if possible, I'll try to get the audio up as well (but I have no idea how). It would appear Skandar is NOT coming to Memphis, but he might be doing a satillete thingy, he doesn't know. Here is the transcript for my telephone interview with Skandar Keynes. Urm sometimes blue, yeah sometimes blue, yeah mainly blue! Why were you wearing that purple glove at the Tokyo press conference? Yeah that conference was the most nerve racking thing Ive ever done. Have you ever met a fangirl and had a personal conversation with her? The last time I spoke to some was like these 3 girls around London. So I bought another pair and then Ive got the red pair and then Ive got these Converse trainers which are kinda like fake Converse and at the moment theyre replacing my normal games kit cos I lost my actual trainers. We'll have to see how he does in PC and VDT I think before thinking of him doing bigger roles.

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And it was quite cool on the set to have like everyone there. Personally I was really impressed by his character.

So its like Nick Cheese and Gordan Cheese and everyone 12. I had an EDMUND My Lil Pony made in Skandar's honor, with dark mane and everything, and a little painting on his body of the Turkish Delight dish. Skandar Keynes is a great actor and should be in more films. The only reason why I know my way around is because I've been here a while. If you enter the forum "Cast and Crew Discussions" and right above where the normal thread are, you will see a section that says "Fan Club Section" or something like that name.