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I hope Yuki can develop smoothly,cooperating with Miki Honoka again. If the probability of getting hit by a solid planetary material is one in ten-billion, I guess the probability of you by any chance reading this or noticing me is one in a hundred billion. I'm from the Philippine....know I love Asian Novela and your Drama Series the "Itazura Na Kiss" I really love it... I like the way you portray your character as Irie Naoki. when i read about you...i was shock because you are 10 years older to Miki Honoka. i know that im excited for the next episode for Mischievous kiss very very i like it....... My name is Parkninyoon from the korea my wish you is go to the south korea because that im looking your face for personal look you... Hi Yuki Furukawa I'm from Philippines I love you so much because admired you because your so cute , handsome and gorgeous My name is Maria Jeniece E. i wish that i can see you in person and also honoka because thats my dream .

I am impressed by your character in Itazura na kiss1&2, Irie Naoki. Your act is so excellent and wonderful that I am impressed your character in Itazura na kiss1&2,Erie Naoki. and good luck to your career -(one Of Your Fans ) :) Hi :) This isn't my real name btw but I sort a use it often. I watched the different version of itazura na kiss, the Taiwanese and Korean but japanese is indeed the best. Then there comes a time that I searched itazura na kiss in youtube. Like what kotoko aihara said you hit me like a shooting star. :) wow super cute face and very charming boy for me just like your Drama Series for (Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo) very watching for my TV channel im happy because that im looking for my idol from the TV.......... yuki furukawa,,i know that you are a english fluent.i know that you know what i say....thank you for being the part of itsuna kiss,,,where very happy and very insprired bout your talent.amazing and,,arrigato!!

i just don't think it's appropriate, but i still like the drama..

i've watched all the drama series of itazura na kiss (1996's japan, taiwan, korean).currently 2013's japan, seriously i think yuki furukawa as irie naoki is the closest character to the manga/anime.it! But pity I don't remember his role in "Rich Man, Poor Woman." (We're not even sure if they are going to include the honeymoon scene so relax) Hold up. this guy is 10 years older than his costar in itzanura kiss. i mean like shes 16 and hes like 25 and they have to kiss and act like a couple..

I'm so excited 'cause it will be aired at the philippines! I've always been an avid fan of anime and honestly I always prefer anime than live but when i had watched "Itazura na kiss Love in Tokyo"..

And I am not really that fan of other country's stars or what. I just finished the series Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo today.

" My classmate was an avid fan of Japanese but then I always say that they're.

Besides, Yuki Furukawa is really baby-faced lol When I made my friend watch Ita Kiss, she thought he was 19 or sth haha SO OBSESSED with Yuki Furukawa rn like, omg I love him Konichiwa Yuki!!!! I've watched mischievous kiss love in tokyo about 10000000000 times! Keep up the good work and always enjoy everything you are doing. I love love love ur character especially in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Hi Yuki, I'm Marianne and I'm watching your version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo now via Youtube.

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I'm a fan of Yuki Furukawa, like going "gaga" to him.. Me also suprised when i found out that he is 10yrs older than miki. this guy is so adorable, cute, handsome, can do breakdance, and the bonus factor is..speak english fluently. As long as they're playing the role well then I don't see any problem.

Today I watched the High School Debut live action movie and when I saw Furukawa's character I did not recognize him at all XD The character was somewhat strange looking I think because of the hairstyle. I Live Here In Philippines , I See Most Of The Comment Live Here In Philippines And They Want To Meet Both Of You Miki Honoka, Were Hoping You Read This . I'm your fan from the Philippines and I loved your drama series called Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo (Itazura na kiss - Love in tokyo) I wish Mischievous Kiss 2 will be also aired here in the Philippines. Helllooooooo : D Im the one who's watching Mischievous Kiss now airing here at the philippines : D I really love your love story : D Hope you all (cast) come here in the Philippines : D We're so happy :) thank you sooo much for making mischievous kiss love in tokyo 2, i saw it in your facebook page. I am also your greatest fan in Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo w/ Ms.

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