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All-star cast, Blakemore’s imagination at a peak, and Sign! Lonnie Andrews stumbles across some rope and pulleys.

There were periods when HOM producer Barbara Behr insisted the models keep their panties on to avoid censorship, but this was not one of those periods. She ties a rope around one wrist and likes the idea, as shown by some prolonged diddling.

Premise / Mungo the Cook / Naughty Bishop / Naughty Chemist / Nazi / Newsreader / Nurse / Old Gramophone / PA Announcer / Pearson / Pepperpot #2 / Pepperpot #4 / Pier Paolo Pasolini / Police Chief / Policeman / Policeman at Ouija Board / Politician / Priest / Professor Enid Gumby / Professor Sir Adrian Furrows / Professor Tiddles / Prosecuting Counsel / RSM Teaching Self-Defense / Referee / Robber / Roger Last / Roger Thompson / Sam Trench / Second Airline Pilot / Second Major / Second Man / Second Pepperpot / Second Pilot / Second Policeman / Second Presenter / Second Reader / Second Ypres Voice Over / Secret Policeman Bag / Shouting man with handkerchief on his head / Silly Job Interviewer / Silly Walker / Sir George Head / Sir Robert Eversley / Sir Vincent 'Kill the Chaps' Foster / Southerner / Spanish Lecturer / St. According to Brian Henson, when Cleese guest-starred on The Muppet Show (1976), he enjoyed the show very much and became very close with the writers because he wanted to get involved in the writing.

She'll have survived her initiation and become a sorority sister when she orgasms.*** Laurie looks like a 30-something upstanding pillar of society who found herself in the wrong place in the wrong time. The whole shebang starts off with her tied to a chair, wearing a thin white blouse and the skimpiest panties possible.

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