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Looking for money Where do the challenges over nuclear energy in Poland start? For a few years now, Polish officials have been heavily promoting the idea to restart a nuclear effort, even going as far as to call the decision to scrap the program back in 1990 a “fundamental error.” But so far, Poland is sticking with coal and lignite as its main energy fuel for many different reasons, but here’s the main one: It’s much cheaper to build a coal-fired power plant than a nuclear facility. Meanwhile, lignite deposits are estimated at 13 billion metric tons, only 14 percent of which is being mined. It currently has one working nuclear reactor – MARIA with 30 MW capacity.

Named after Nobel prize winner Maria Skłodowska-Curie and built in 1974, it’s used for research purposes and produces radioactive isotopes which are used in medicine.

Rome wasn’t built in a day “Poland could really use nuclear energy,” said Wojciech Jakóbik, an analyst at the Jagielloński Institute.

Under current EU regulations, energy producers have to buy a permit for each ton of carbon dioxide they emit.

They added: “I've got an exam the next day, so I think I’ll put my time to better use than pretending like I have a say in all this.” “None of them,” said another.… continue reading »

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She's not even a fan of the team, she just thinks being at all the games makes her look cool.… continue reading »

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Records for his phone bills revealed he had made three lengthy calls to Canterbury, one which went on for 1hr and 44minutes on March 27 2008.… continue reading »

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