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20-Sep-2017 21:12

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Thanks for understanding and i'm sorry for the inconvenience! You know what, if there WERE hackers after all and they destroyed your server, serves you right. Good luck saving the piece of trash you call a server. I love this server a lot but there is a huge problem with the chat mod, pickel.

Maybe if you actually had any credibility left we'd believe you. Your credibility on this matter isn't the best due to the fact that the owner of your server hates ours. He asked me if I had any hacked items, and I said yes.

Help the citizens of the town complete quests and jobs, and also develop relationships with the other players on the server.

Our server allows players to have a great simulating experience as players can create their own homes, get married, adopt other players as their kids, and create reputations through their selected jobs and quests.

I asked about it a day later, and no one knew anything what about what I was talking about.There are nearly 7 million players and fans of World of Warcraft players searching for a perfect date in this site.

I will make sure that we remove the setting from the code complete so that no one else enables it :-) Thanks a lot for your patience and help with that issue.… continue reading »

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