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This betrayed his illegitimacy and Miriam admitted him as Pandera’s son. Yeshu later went to the Jerusalem Temple and learned the letters of God’s ineffable name (one could do anything desired by them).He gathered 310 young men and proclaimed himself the Messiah, claiming Isaiah’s “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son” and other prophets prophesied about him.When he brought a corpse to life, she released him. The sages then got Judah Iskarioto to learn the name.At a contest of miracles between the two, they both lost knowledge of the name.

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Jews apparently polemicised actively against the new Christian religion, as can be inferred from the 2nd century Christian writer Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho, a fictional dialogue between a Christian and a Jew.Yeshu was arrested and beaten with pomegranate staves.