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Alas, after only two dates he ghosted me but it was complicated. His natural chemistry mixed with this scent creates something that brings to mind a certain Fine Young Cannibals tune and quickens my heart.Then, we reconnected this past Friday and it was amazing. I hope he won't somehow read this---I don't want to give myself away...This was all the rage when I was in high school (back in 1999 lol) and I can still see it fitting a market for that same crowd.Buy it for your younger brother or your son for him to use on his first date.C (May 2017) This was a scent that I really enjoyed when I first got it.I'm not exactly sure if it was a batch issue, or my tastes have changed, but I didn't enjoy my second bottle nearly as much.It might compare drinking a Coors in the beer world.Mass marketed, good as a cheap gift to a young guy but not my thing.

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It's a fairly unique, but still safe, inoffensive frag.It has a passably pleasant scent, but it's one of the weakest fragrances in my collection.(I have to respray twice for the scent to last the whole day.) It's dull, green, and could use a bit more freshness. It's a "cheap" fragrance but I think it should be a lot cheaper considering there are better-performing fragrances in its price range. I don't care what anyone says about this fragrance.I used ro wear this in junior high in the late 90s, that thing used to have crazy projection & longevity smelled it on my cloths still after my mom washed them, fastforawd now christmas 2017 i got the 4 pack gift set!!

Wow what a disappointment, its nothing to it now, i realky cant believe it how weak it!!

Lavender is one of my all time favorite notes and mixed with tropical pineapple and citruses, it's giving a little tart freshness to the whole thing. This cologne is not an if but a MUST if you are on a first date.

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