2016 statistics on dating violence

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The Commission's computerized datasets, without individual identifiers, are also available through the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan (ICPSR).For each case in its Offender Dataset, the Commission routinely collects case identifiers, sentencing data, demographic variables, statutory information, the complete range of court guideline decisions, and departure and variance information.Throughout 2016, the Commission continued to add data elements to its extensive computerized datafile on defendants sentenced under the guidelines.In addition to its standard data collection, the Commission often codes additional variables to study various distinct issues (e.g., drug offenses, criminal history).The Organizational Dataset contains documentation on organizations sentenced pursuant to Chapter Eight of the Guidelines Manual in 2016.The Commission collects available data on organizational structure, size, and economic viability; offense of conviction; mode of adjudication; sanctions imposed (including probation and court-ordered compliance programs); and application of the sentencing guidelines.

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Users can also change the fiscal year of the data presented, or group multiple years of data into one analysis.In 2016, the Commission received documentation on 11,991 resentencings and other modifications of sentence.The information in this are available in the online version.The Appeals Dataset tracks appellate review of sentencing decisions.

Information captured in this module includes district, circuit, date of opinion, sentencing issues, and the appellate court's disposition. Brain Injury Australia (2015) as cited in ABC News 7.30 Report Three women every week hospitalised with traumatic brain injury caused by DV 5.