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It borders the Alfalfa, Santa Cruz, Arenal and Alameda neighborhoods. The Casa Cuesta location in Triana has a history of over 100 years (founded in 1880).The location in the center has a history of less than a year!

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El Centro can mean a lot of things to people, but I refer to it as around the main shopping district, close to calles Sierpes and Tetuan and Plaza del Duque.

If you are closer to the Alfalfa try the location on calle Aguilas (see just below).

A note for (cider) lovers, as there are two common types you can find in Seville: a natural more cloudy, and less sweet type, as well as a sweeter, clearer kind, similar to many of the bottled ciders.

I keep hearing that Spain is impossible for a vegetarian and that's simply not true.

If you get to know the right places and dishes you'll see there is plenty to eat.

There are always a number of cold tapas along the bar , with the hot ones coming out of the kitchen (listen for the bell, and then the waiters bring the hot ones around to everyone).