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Parenchyma stores metabolic products and develops into differentiated tissues. The two bones forming the roof and sides of the brain cavity.

In plants, relatively undifferentiated cells where most metabolism occurs.


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Generally, a parasite is smaller than its host — parasitic /PAIR-ə-SIT-ik/ adj. PICTURE; (2) a bodily process that serves the function of connection. The second pair of appendages in an arachnid; in a spider, they are like small legs and function in insemination; in a scorpion, whip scorpion, or whip spider, they are the pincers; in a solpugid, they are about the same length as the other legs. A genus of giant amoebae found in the muddy bottoms of fresh water ponds, the largest visible to the naked eye (as large as half a centimeter in diameter, though most are 0.5 to 1.0 mm wide). Large-brained infants, such as those of humans and chimpanzees, require a large pelvic opening so that the head can easily pass during birth. When penetrance is complete, the genotype is expressed in all individuals who have that genotype.

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S.'s population (as of 2008), we are one of the fastest growing racial/ethnic groups (in terms of percentage increase) in the U. The Asian American community has received a lot of scrutiny over the years but in many ways, still remains misunderstood. I also acknowledge that there is a debate over how certain Asian groups should be referred to -- Filipinos or Pilipinos, Koreans or Coreans.… continue reading »

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